Proposed First Contact Residential Rehabilitation Center for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Henderson County, NC


First Contact Ministries, Inc is a non-profit, Christian based organization dedicated to helping others navigate crisis, recover from drug & alcohol addiction, and rebuild lives in Hendersonville, NC and the surrounding counties of WNC. The ministry acts as a valuable resource for individuals, families & loved ones seeking medical, spiritual & emotional support.  


You've seen the news.  Across the country communities large and small are being ravaged by a wide-spread drug epidemic.  What about our "sleepy little town"?  Every morning, thousands of people in Henderson County wake up to another day controlled by drug & alcohol addiction.  For every one of them, an average of five other loved ones are suffering alongside, often in silence.  These are your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  You may not know about it, because people are used to hiding it.  But, the problem here is very real.


In the past three years, First Contact Addiction Ministries has had documented contact with over 800 members of our community who are seeking assistance with addiction and recovery.  Through this experience, they've learned some very valuable information regarding addiction treatment in our community.  Here it is:

  • The demand for help is much greater than the region’s capacity to provide the assistance.  
  • Because of the state of the NC mental health system, the number of treatment centers is extremely limited.  
  • The cost of treatment is prohibitively high.  Most either do not have insurance or the right kind for the facility. 
  • Timing is everything. When someone requests assistance, there is often a long waiting list for available space in treatment facilities forcing people to be sent far away away from their families, to receive treatment.  Because of this, many go untreated, with nowhere for them to go.
  • Very often, available treatment programs are not long enough, nor do they provide enough support to produce lasting life change.  This type of change requires a comprehensive program with teaching, counseling and mentoring to support individuals as they strive to establish stable, independent lives. 




Complex problems require creative solutions.  To jump start this project, Mud Creek Baptist Church and First Contact Ministries are joining forces.  Each organization will play a unique role in providing a long-term, local solution to our community wide problem.  Mud Creek Baptist Church is proposing a long-term land lease on 2.6 acres of property near the church.

Rehabilitation Classroom for Mentoring, Counseling, and Life Skills Training


The Life Enrichment Center will be patterned after the Christian Care Center, a 32 year old rehabilitation center located in Leesburg, FL,  The 7 1/2 month long program will be designed to empower men and women with substance abuse issues to overcome their struggles through teaching, counseling and mentoring and to support them as they strive to establish stable, independent lives.

Architectural Drawing of Proposed First Contact Rehabilitation Center for Drug & Alcohol Addiction


The 22,000 square foot (total) facility will provide housing, space for up to 24 men, 10 women, and 10 residential staff. This includes 15,000 square feet of residential space on the first floor, and 7,000 square feet of office, educational and counseling space on the second floor.  See the site plan, architect's elevation drawing, and floor plans.  


They tell me I’m an inspiration.  It isn’t an easy journey, but if you have God, you can make it work. When I was searching for a different high, that’s when I knew I needed help.  I wouldn’t be where I am  is today without the staff at First Contact.

I go home high on church now, and the people that support me. I (have gone) through a couple of hard times and not once did I want to solve it by getting high.  I can only do it because of God.  He shows me favor every day.” M.H. Hendersonville, NC.